4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer

<h2>4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Longer</h2>

By: Emmy Goodman

Are you having sleep trouble in quarantine? These Baby Dream Machine sleep routine tips are here to help. 

According to Dana Obleman, who has sleep trained over 100,000 children and is a big fan of Baby Dream Machine, "helping babies learn a predictable bedtime routine" is one of the most essential elements for sleep. No matter how laid back your baby may be, a nighttime routine is necessary. You may find when you're on vacation or trying to adapt to a new routine (like quarantine, for example), your baby may be crankier or more restless. This is likely because of the shift in routine. 

While for some, quarantine may not get in the way of your routine, we've noticed that even the shift in our current daily routine can affect our children's sleep. With parents working from home, it may be hard to maintain a consistent bedtime right now. However, if you want your baby to sleep through the night, a routine is vital.

We have curated 4 tips to help you get into a routine... Read on below!

 1. Choosing the Perfect Bedtime Hour:

 If you're just introducing a sleep routine into your lifestyle, the first place to start is choosing the perfect bedtime. You should select a time where you will be able to be consistent. It will take some time, but you will notice your baby will start to get sleepy around this time, and it will make bedtime just that much easier. 

 2. Starting a Bedtime Ritual:

 The next vital part of a bedtime routine is having a routine activity to do. If you have multiple little ones running around, don't try to multitask, if you can - incorporate all of them in each other's bedtime routines! Your routine activity could be singing a song, reading a story, or even something as simple as turning on the Baby Dream Machine red light (which can help your child's natural melatonin production).

 3. Consistent Routine is Key:

 It's not just the minutes before bed that are important in a sleep routine; your routine could start with dinner, lead to bathtime, and end in the bedroom. Having tasks that stay consistent nightly will help your child get into their routine.

 4. Activate Your Baby's Senses:

Doctor Harvey Karp, MD, explains that "The idea is to lay a foundation so that over time, your baby will associate these cues with sleep." Having elements present that can remind your child that it's bedtime, especially ones that activate their senses, can make sleep come easier. Turning on the Baby Dream Machine cool mist humidifier with a few drops of the sweetest dreams essential oil can be something that you add to your routine. Your child will begin to associate the lavender scent with sleeping!

As children get older, they get smarter, and their ability to understand their routine gets better and better. While the exact routine you follow may shift with age, keeping some consistency for bedtime is something that should exist in your child's life.

Remember: Every child is unique and may respond positively to various things and it is important to find what works best for your child's needs.

Happy Sleeping!

The Baby Dream Sleep Team

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