About Us

Hi. Hola. Bonjour.

Baby Dream Machine was created by moms, who were tired of being tired. With their combined backgrounds in professional sleep training and award-winning products, they were eager to explore natural and organic solutions that could help settle their little ones and help them get a good night’s rest... And that is when Baby Dream Machine was born.

In the journey to create Baby Dream Machine, we’ve worked with the world’s best sleep trainers, industry experts and scientists to develop a product that helps your child get a good night’s sleep while using the most natural and scientifically proven methods.

Sleep is an essential part of development in infants and children. Studies have shown that sleep is critical to their growth, immunity, attention span, learning and much more. This is why we have a firm belief in promoting healthy, natural sleep habits from an early age and Baby Dream Machine was designed to aid in exactly this.

At The Baby Dream Company our mission has always been to develop natural, safe, high-quality products that help promote quality sleep in children of all ages. Our flagship product, Baby Dream Machine, is our first of many and it has already helped thousands of families around the world get a good night’s rest.

You are one step closer to that good night’s sleep now that you have your Baby Dream Machine. Wishing you and your little one the sweetest dreams tonight!